spirit-of-fire-legoThere is just something about LEGO bricks that makes them so enticing to the kid – or adult. After all, we humans have been wired to create and build, why explains why LEGO has not lost its popularity at all. In fact, you could more or less say that the interest in LEGO has increased as folks come up with more and more zany creations, including this LEGO car that features plastic pistons. Halo fans will be pleased to note that what they see above is actually a LEGO recreation of the starship from the game franchise which is known as the UNSC Spirit of Fire.

This LEGO creation is the brainchild of Mark Kelso, and it is large in size – we are talking about massive seven feet in length, and the amount of time that Kelso took to finish its construction is a lengthy four years thereabouts. Needless to say, this is an on and off project considering how Kelso has other things to attend to in real life, but four years is still a decent amount of time when you think about it. In the past, Kelso’s experiences with LEGO masterpieces include a six-foot-long model of the Invisible Hand, which is a starship from the Star Wars franchise.

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