flappy-Bird-Windows-PhoneWhen Flappy Bird’s developer announced he would be taking the game down, suddenly we started seeing listings on eBay second hand iPhone units with the Flappy Bird game installed on them. The phones were being sold for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, although eBay soon put an end to that as they claimed it violated the website’s policy. For those who weren’t quick on the draw, it looks like you’ll be stuck with your phone, or maybe not. Thanks to the folks at BGR, they have discovered that website UpgradeSwap is actually willing to pay smartphone owners a little extra if their phones were to come with Flappy Bird preinstalled on them.

Of course don’t expect to get paid a few extra hundred dollars, but you can expect to get an additional $10, $15, or even maybe $20 depending on the condition of your device. For those unfamiliar, UpgradeSwap is essentially similar to websites like Gazelle and uSell where they buy second hand gadgets from people looking to get rid of their older phones or upgrade to a newer one. Now this does not mean that UpgradeSwap will actually sell the phones with Flappy Bird preinstalled as the phones will most likely be factory reseted, but it is a good marketing stunt given how popular the game is at the moment, despite the fact that the game has since been removed from app stores around the world.

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