verizon-logo-stone-wallVerizon Wireless has stepped forward to announce the More Everything plan which promises to deliver more bang for their customers’ hard earned buck. After all, times are hard, money is difficult to come by, and we all want to stretch our dollar down to the last penny. The More Everything plan is seen by some to be a knee-jerk response to recent price cuts that have been introduced by AT&T and Sprint, while T-Mobile’s most recent offensive included the offer to pay up to $650 to a potential customer as part of their Uncarrier 4.0 program so that you will switch over to their network. Verizon’s More Everything plan confirmed yesterday’s rumors, where those who fork out $40 for 500MB of data will now receive double the amount, while folks who pay $50 will receive 2GB instead of 1GB, and $60 payees will enjoy 3GB instead of 2GB storage.

In terms of percentage gains, forking out $60 offers diminishing returns somewhat, since you get only 50% more data from the original amount, while the other two cheaper plans have doubled the amount of data. According to Verizon, current customers will gain an automatic upgrade to the More Everything plan, so there is no need for you to file any paperwork as the switch will (hopefully be) seamless.

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