more-is-coming-verizonMobile carriers do have to keep up with revised plans from time to time in order to entice new customers and make existing ones happy. Verizon could very well roll out a new promotion which might involve changes to its current price plans, as they teased over Twitter that “More Is Coming”, which you can see in full at the end of this story right after the jump. Touted to be a “game changer” by Verizon, we cannot wait for tomorrow to reveal just what the mobile carrier has in store. Who knows? Some of the current plans might see a bump up in data allowance, or perhaps price cuts in others. Patience is the keyword here.

So far, there has been whispers of the $40, $50, and $60 Share Everything plans sporting a higher level of data allowances via Android Police. The $40 plan that comes with unlimited shared minutes and texts should see its 500MB data allowance double up to 1GB, while the other two higher tier plans ought to get a 1GB boost respectively, touching 2GB and 3GB. If you are already an existing Verizon customer who happens to be one one of these plans, chances are you will score an automatic migration. Time to just sit tight and wait for all to be revealed tomorrow.

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