devin-nicoleLove is in the air, as well as on the Internet. Who would have thought that a virtual meeting in a game would develop into an actual relationship in real life, before the wedding bells tolled? The first time Nicole met Devin, he happened to cause a disturbance in her neighborhood, as Devin was all dressed up as an albino squirrel, complete with furry ears, tail and a red cape. As for Nicole, she happened to work as a volunteer security guard, before receiving a message concerning a couple of rowdy residents of whom Devin was .one of them. She asked him to tone it down a little and yet found the entire situation to be totally hilarious.

One thing led to another chat and flirt, before they started to spend more and more time together online in the game itself. It was half a year later before Nicole flew to Rochester, N.Y., to meet Devin in person for the first time, ending up as a real-life couple then. The virtual meeting in Utherverse goes to show that you need not get hooked up on OkCupid. Nicole and Devin dated long distance for 4.5 years, before they settled down as husband and wife. Everyone loves a good love story once in a while, right?

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