Earlier today, we did come across a build of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8.1 Update 1 that has leaked out, where additional new features were depicted. For those who lack the intestinal fortitude to download this particular leaked version – and for good reason, too, since it is not official by any means, which could result in your machine ending up as a brick. How about experiencing a taster session instead? Here is a video overview of the update that has made an appearance over on YouTube so that you can see what’s going on for yourself without having to take the plunge.

This particular YouTube video was created by @bav0, where it will let you take a closer look at the new features which will arrive with this particular update. Some of the new features include the ability to right click on apps in the modern environment, where it will then show a new context menu which enables one to pin apps to the taskbar, as well as a new access bar that is located at the top of modern apps. You will need to spare a wee bit more than 4 minutes for this video to come to its conclusion, where mouse and keyboard users ought to be pleased with the minor improvements made. It is widely believed that this Windows 8.1 update will see a spring release. Will it be March 11 as whispered previously?

There were other leaked screenshots in the past, not to mention rumors of it booting to desktop just in case one needs a refresher.

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