windows-phone-8-1-cortana-livesinoBack in 2013, we had heard the rumors that Microsoft could be developing a voice assistant feature of their own not unlike Siri. The voice assistant would be named Cortana, or at least that’s what the rumors claim. One of the key features is that unlike Siri that needs to be activated by pressing and holding the home button, Cortana will apparently be always-on, meaning that you can just speak to your phone even if it is locked to activate it, much like the Moto X. Now we have been hearing a fair amount about Windows Phone 8.1 these days, and thanks to the SDK and emulator, has managed to extra an icon set (pictured above) that gives us an idea of some of the features of Cortana.

According to the icon set, some of the features of Cortana includes the ability to inform the user about traffic construction and warnings, provide directions, stock reports, taking notes, activating the Do Not Disturb mode, setting alarms, playing music, scheduling appointments, activating Bluetooth and/or WiFi, and more. We guess these are pretty much the standard features that one might expect from a voice assistant feature. However will Cortana be as responsive as Google Now? Or will it be bungled like how Siri was at launch? If the rumors are to be believed, we might have to wait until July/August to find out.

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