xbox-one-patentWhen Microsoft introduced the Xbox One alongside its case design in May last year, it did generate its fair bit of attention. Well, fast forward to today, Microsoft has finally received the patent for that particular case design from the good people over at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. For those who are curious about all things numerology, the patent number from the USTPO happens to be D700,246 and is officially for an “ornamental design for an electronic housing”. The patent itself is meant to last for a good 14 years, and I am quite sure that there will be future console generations way before the 14 years are up. Joel B. Jacobs, Scott Dullmeyer, Carl J. Ledbetter, Jonathan R. Harris and John Kenichro Ikdea have been listed as its inventors.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft first applied for the patent in February 28, 2013. If my mental math is correct, this particular design was just submitted to the USTPO close to a quarter before the Xbox One was officially revealed to the masses, going to show how close some secrets can be squirreled away by a company if they have the heart and will to do so in this era where smartphone cameras and loose lips abound. You can read all about our Xbox One hands-on experience here.

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