redmi_843x403Earlier this year word on the street was that Xiaomi was working on a new handset called the Hongmi 2. We’re not sure what has happened to the device since, but thanks to a post by Hugo Barra (formerly of Google), it looks like Xiaomi could have decided to change the name of the Hongmi to Redmi, although based on Barra’s post, it seems that Redmi is more of a brand rather than an actual device, like how Samsung has their Galaxy series of Android devices, Nokia their Lumia lineup and so on.

According to Barra, “Today we’re introducing our new brand #Redmi to the world (originally “Hongmi” in Chinese), and it’s soon coming to Singapore!” Barra also provides a link to Xiaomi’s website but unfortunately apart from the typical marketing spiel, not much is known about Xiaomi’s phone plans. Could the Redmi be talking about a lineup of devices or are we talking about a single handset? Could the Hongmi 2 be part of the company’s new Redmi brand? In any case it seems that the launch will be happening soon so perhaps we will learn more then. It is also unclear if this means that the launch will only see the release of the new device (or devices) in Asia or if it will rollout to those of us living in the US as well, but either way we will keep our eyes peeled.

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