yandex-kit-for-android-1While Android might be available for OEMs to install on their phones, if they are hoping to be able to use Google’s services, like access to the Play Store, for example, they will require permission from Google. Unless of course you were to run a forked version of Android which is what companies like Amazon have done, and also appears to be what Nokia will be doing. That being said, it looks like there is one company is that is hoping to encourage Android OEMs to take the forked route, and it is none other than Russian giant, Yandex.

According to TechCrunch, they have reported that the company has recently released a Yandex.Kit which will basically help OEMs create a forked version of Android.They are also appearing to offer up their own services in place of Google. We’re not sure if there is an advantage here to using Yandex’s services over Google’s more established ones, but we’re guessing countries, such as China, where Google isn’t allowed, Yandex could be an alternative to China’s own range of services from Baidu and so on. Some of the services and features Yandex plans on offering includes search, mail, an app store of their own which boasts over 100,000 apps, a 3D home screen launcher, and more. Some of Yandex’s partners include Huawei and Explay who will be demonstrating Yandex-based devices at MWC 2014.

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