3d-printed-kayak3D printers seem to be catching on in fashion among enthusiasts and home users, and most of the time, we would think of 3D printers churning out tiny bits and pieces which would look a whole lot better as a toy, rather than to make up an entire water-based transport. Just what am I referring to? A 3D printed kayak, of course! Jim Smith of Grass Roots Engineering has been working on his own home-based, large-scale 3D printer for the past five years plus, and his latest modification involved churning out 28 colorful ABS plastic sections which were then bolted. The result? A 16.7 ft-long kayak that actually works!

This 3D printed kayak happened to feature a design that was based on the Siskiwit Bay kayak by Bryan Hansel, although it has been specially modified for 3D printing. Apart from that, Smith has also made the relevant adjustments so that it has been optimized for his own height and weight. It measures 16.7 ft in length and is 1.7 ft wide, looking more like a giant LEGO kayak thanks to its 28 sections which have been bolted together with machine screws and brass-threaded thermoplastic inserts. The sections have also been sealed with silicone caulk to make sure that no leaks happen.

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