nexus-8-640x426So we have been hearing rumors that Google could be planning on launching a Nexus 8 tablet. The tablet will supposedly feature an 8-inch display although according to recent reports, it seems that the device might instead feature a display closer to 9-inches than 8-inches.

This is according to IHS Technology who revealed the information to the folks at CNET, claiming that Google’s upcoming tablet might sport an 8.9-inch display instead. According to IHS, they also claim that this device will be a “high-performance” tablet and that it might even come with a more premium price tag compared to previous Nexus devices.

If there’s one thing that sets Google’s Nexus lineup apart from the competition is the fact that it comes with a relatively affordable price tag especially when you consider the hardware specs that you are getting. For example in the case of the Nexus 5, the device was priced at least $200 cheaper than what you would expect to pay for a phone of that calibre.

IHS also claims that volume production of the tablet is expected to kick off in July/August which definitely goes against the rumors of an end-April launch, unless of course this is a different tablet entirely and we’re not talking about the Nexus 8. There have also been reports that point towards HTC being the manufacturer of the device.

Assuming that this is the Nexus 8 we’re talking about, some of the rumored specs includes the possibility that Google could turn to Intel’s 64-bit chipset, Moorefield, for the chipset of choice. Qualcomm has typically been favored as far as Nexus products are concerned, so if the rumors are true, it could make for an interesting switch.

In any case do take it with a grain of salt for now since Google nor HTC (or whoever the rumored OEM is supposed to be) has officially confirmed anything. However with Google I/O taking place towards the end of June, perhaps we will learn more then.

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