acer-Allegro-blackWhen it come to Windows Phone handsets, Acer appears to be somewhere on the bench, and sometimes in the field. The company has released several Windows Phone handsets in the past, although we’re not sure what their strategy is because for the most part, Acer’s handsets are rather unassuming and to a certain extent forgettable.

That being said, it seems that Acer is still in talks with Microsoft regarding Windows Phone devices, at least that’s according to an interview that MobileNews had with Acer’s EMEA VP of Smartphones, Allen Burnes.

According to Burnes, “Windows Phone is a strong OS. But it faces an issue that is not associated with its design. That is a lack of marketing. As a handset manufacturer I have to drive my brand.”

This pretty much reiterates what Acer had said not too long ago about waiting on the market to be more accepting of the Windows Phone platform before the company decides to re-enter it again. It was just a couple of weeks ago that Acer suggested that they would wait until the Windows Phone achieves an European market share of 15% before they would consider returning.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen Acer show their uncertainty when it comes to Windows Phone although we reckon if they don’t move fast, other OEMs like Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and etc. will be quickly gobbling up the rest of the pie before they can even get a slice. What do you guys think? Should Acer just jump in right now?

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