htconefccThe All New HTC One, also known by its codename as the HTC M8 by some, has certainly gone through its fair share of leaks and rumors in recent times, so much so that an unofficial albeit extensive review on YouTube has been shown, while HTC’s very own Jeff Gordon is far from happy with all of the leaks surrounding the All New HTC One. Well, one thing is for sure – the All New HTC One is on its way to hitting the U.S. market especially when one takes into consideration that this particular flagship smartphone has just received its collective nod of approval from the hard-to-please FCC.

After clearing the FCC certification process, it is just a matter of time for majority of the devices out there to be sold in the US market. Apparently, there will be more than just one single version of the All New HTC One that will arrive, and we are smacking our lips in anticipation. Do expect the quartet of major mobile carriers to have the All New HTC One in their crosshairs, and they are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile in nor particular order. We cannot wait until March 25th when the alleged official announcement is made, and all concerning the All New HTC One will be revealed.

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1920x1080 TFD LCD
441 PPI
~$140 - Amazon
4 MP
160 g
2600 mAh
No Wireless Charg.
Launched in
Snapdragon 801 + MicroSD
Storage (GB)
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