instacubeBack in 2012, we came across a device known as Instacube. Essentially the device is a glorified digital photo frame which has been described as  “living canvas” and basically pulled photos from a user’s Instagram account to display.

Digital photo frames have been around for a while now and they too can display a series of photos like in a slideshow, but we guess Instacube has the “advantage” of being able to display Instagram photos instead. The good news is that if this is a device you’ve had your eye on, you’ll be pleased to learn that the gadget will finally begin shipping in April, a little more than a year since it was announced.

The reason behind this delay is because according to D2M, the company behind Instacube, claimed that due to a shortage in funding and also because the scale of the project proved to be much bigger than expected, that they weren’t able to send out the products on time.

Unfortunately customers who wanted a refund had to wait for the units to start shipping, and the units marked for sale to be sold to someone else first. For those who have remained patient, it seems that D2M has made some improvements to the device by adding HD video and speakers which can be used to playback Instagram videos.

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