arachnophobia-app“There’s an app for that” is a pretty popular catchphrase, and has been one for quite some time now. Heck, even psychiatrists have been enlisted to come up with an app that will hopefully assist folks in overcoming their fear of spiders, or arachnophobia. This new app was specially developed after taking input from psychiatrists into consideration, where it will begin with the introduction of arachnophobics to a cute looking cartoon arachnid, before ratcheting things up by a few notches through the simulation of one being crawled on by an augmented reality tarantula.


According to the creators of the app, very few people suffering from arachnophobia in the U.K. has decided to seek help in overcoming their fears, and this could be one of the more effective methods of changing that. Itsy, the cute spider in the app, will eventually be replaced by more and more realistic looking spiders, until one is able to cast their eyes on a fully grown tarantula on the screen without feeling all grossed out.

According to developer Virtually Free, it is hoped that this particular software or app would function as a “springboard project”, and we do look forward to its effectiveness, wondering whether it will lead to a range of other apps that can help treat various psychological issues

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