apple-studyiPhones aren’t cheap. In fact they can hardly be called a budget device, but interestingly enough thanks to a recent study conducted by Upstream in conjunction with Ovum, they have found that emerging markets are the ones that desire Apple’s smartphones the most.


As you can see in the graphs above, countries such as China and Vietnam are the ones that desire Apple products the most. Over in Brazil and India, Apple comes in second place, although in the case of those two countries, Samsung appears to be the favored brand, although admittedly Apple isn’t trailing too far behind.

It is unclear why Apple appears to be favored in emerging markets, although it is really all too surprising given that Apple has done a good job of making their products extremely desirable to the general public.

However at the end of the day, it looks like Android is still covering the most ground, even if in some markets they aren’t necessary commanding too big of a market share, but overall it just proves earlier reports and studies that shows Android commands the greatest market share for smartphones worldwide.

Apple has attempted to introduce a cheaper iPhone (although not by much) in the form of the iPhone 5c, but safe to say that turned out to be something of a flop. BlackBerry has also recently announced a partnership with Foxconn to introduce more low-cost device to emerging markets, and Nokia has their recently announced Nokia X series of handsets which will also be targeting emerging markets due to their low price points.

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