ipad-smartcase-keyboardHow often do you pair up your iPad with a compatible physical keyboard? Well, if the answer is “quite often”, what do you think if there were to be a new model that is not only compact, but also one that comes with a built-in multitouch keyboard? This is exactly what Apple is thinking about with their latest patent application that has been dubbed “Cover for electronic device.”

In this patent application by Apple, the proposed case seems to look like a clever amalgamation of the current Smart Case and Smart Cover, with a thin touch-sensitive keyboard thrown into the mix for good measure, of course. It will be different in the sense that Apple’s design will not rely on the keyboard to be part of the case’s exterior, but rather, the keyboard remains as a detachable, separate piece without sacrificing protection for the iPad in the process.

The existing Smart Case and Smart Cover rely on magnets to remain in place, although in the patent application, Apple is looking at other options such as buttons, snaps, buckles, Velcro, and “other types of mechanical enclosures”, although the final choice has yet to be determined. Velcro sounds too noisy for Apple’s “character”, so to speak.

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