apple-multitouch -stylusApple does have its fair share of patents underneath their belt, and this has not stopped them from amassing even more patents. Right now, one of their more interesting patents that have been sniffed out would be a stylus that sports an extendable nib that has multiple tips, in addition to an integrated light sensor, now how about that? This particular information hails from patent images that were picked up by the folks over at AppleInsider.


It is touted that this stylus’ nib will be flexible and can work nearly from within the chassis of the stylus in order to draw thin lines, or to opt to extend it so that it can deliver multiple touch zones in the same manner as that of like a paintbrush. When the exposed nib protrudes more from the stylus’ body, the tablet’s GUI could then introduce different output color and opacity, among others.

Not only that, there will be an actuator on the stylus itself, where this actuator will either extend the nib or the multiple tip strands, making it function in the same manner as that of a paintbrush tip. The nib and the multiple strands tip will be able to extend out of a single holes, so one can deduce that the stylus could include a certain sort of integrated collar system.

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