apple-tvIn the latest Apple TV update, Cupertino has made it a whole lot easier to stash away unwanted channels, making everything else look a whole lot more clean cut than before. This particular update was released alongside the reveal of iOS 7.1, where the Apple TV’s latest update has seen its version number bumped up all the way to version 6.1. It is certainly a welcome change from the past where one would have been required to navigate to Settings, before making a pass through the entire list of available content sources in order to hide them.

With the latest update, all that a user needs to do would be to highlight an icon on the screen, followed by pressing and holding down the select button until the icons begin to jiggle. When that happens, pick the channel that you would like to be out of sight, before hitting the Play/Pause button in order to bring up the options, followed by pressing Hide. Sounds like you have made a mistake after doing all of that? Fret not, there is an easy method to undo this, where all that one needs to do is to go to Settings > Main Menu, followed by selecting the desired channel.

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