Are hover boards real? That was what Back to the Future II’s director claimed back in 1989. Safe to say it wasn’t true, but it did serve as a promotional tool for the movie. In fact fast forward to today, many of us are still waiting on hoverboards to make their way into the market, and while we can look forward to self-lacing shoes in 2015, can the same be said for hoverboards?


Well it seems that a group of actors and investors wants you to believe that hover boards are real, or something to that extent, because a video was recently released on YouTube which appears to be an attempt to make people believe that hoverboards are the real deal.

The group behind the video calls themselves HUVr (you know, like “hover”), and according to their description, “What began as a summer project in 2010 at the MIT Physics Graduate Program has evolved into one of the most exciting independent products to be developed out of MIT since the high-powered lithium-ion batteries developed by Yet-Ming Chiang in 2001. Our team consists of materials science, electricity & magnetism experts who’ve solved an important part of one of science’s mysteries: the key to antigravity.” 

However it was discovered that one of people in the photo is actually an actor by the name of Nelson Cheng, not to mention the registration of the website was made back in November in 2013, suggesting that this is a pretty recent endeavor.

So what exactly are they trying to sell us here? Well whatever it is, they have managed to get people such as Mark Cuban, Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, Billy Zane, Moby, Terrell Owens, and the band Best Coast in on it. We guess we will just have to wait and see, but in the meantime you can check out the video of the hoverboards in action in the video above.

What do you guys think? Is this yet another prank by Jimmy Kimmel, who has in the past created some pretty convincing pranks, or is there something more to this that we just aren’t catching on to?

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