lenovo-ashton-kutcherSome of you guys might recall that earlier last week, it was suggested that celebrity Ashton Kutcher could be working on new smartphones for Lenovo. In fact given how Kutcher had in the past has had a hand in designing Lenovo’s Yoga tablets, we didn’t think much of it since it wasn’t a very far-fetched notion.

Well it turns out that if you were a fan of Kutcher and wanted to see what he could get up to with smartphones, you might be disappointed to find out that the earlier report was not true. Lenovo has since clarified that Kutcher’s work will remain focused on tablets instead.

This is according to Lenovo’s director of external communication, Ray Gorman, who told the folks at Pocket-lint that “the development agreement Lenovo has with Ashton Kutcher is for tablets only, and not for smartphones.”

Based on Lenovo’s earlier statement, it was suggested that Kutcher could be working on “special edition” smartphones, but now that the statement has been contradicted, we’re not sure if it means that Kutcher’s work will remain with the Yoga tablet lineup, or if we can expect something special in a new tablet lineup instead.

Either way we will be keeping our eyes peeled, but what do you guys think of Kutcher’s work with the Yoga lineup so far? Given that he is probably well known as an actor, and less for his studies in biochemical engineering and co-founding a tech venture capital group, A-Grade Investments, are you suitably impressed?

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