beats-music-logo-red-purpleEarlier this year, Beats Music launched their own music streaming service which would be a competitor to other streaming services out there, such as Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, iTunes Radio, and more.


However if there is one differentiating factor is that unlike the other services that offers up a free listening tier, Beats Music only has a trial period, after which listeners will have to subscribe if they wish to continue using the service. That being said, it seems that Beats Music is hoping to make their service more attractive as they have recently announced the acquisition of Topspin Media.

For those unfamiliar, Topspin Media has been available for Beats Music in February. Basically what it does is that through the Topspin ArtistLink platform, it allows musicians to sell merchandise and tickets to Beats Music subscribers.

This makes Beats Music a more well-rounded platform compared to other services where they only offer streaming services. According to Beats Music’s CEO, Ian Rogers, “The acquisition brings a team of talented people who have spent years working on building and fine-tuning the artist-to-fan connection into the Beats Music experience. Topspin + Beats Music combines music discovery and direct relationships between artists and fans in a revolutionary way.”

The good news is that for now it does not look like anything will be changed yet, but the company notes that the goal is to further integrate Artistlink with Beats Music, and given that Topspin will now be owned by the company, we guess they will have more freedom to what they want with the service.

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