bedol-waterclockI am quite sure that some of us have stopped wearing a watch just because our smartphones also double up as our notepad, alarm clock, and of course, timekeeper. A clock is crucial to keep track of things as well as the time, so that your daily routine will not be disrupted, especially at home or at the office. A wall clock does require some sort of power source to keep it running of course, so what better way than to go green with the Bedol water-powered clock?

The Bedol water-powered clock works differently from those science experiments in the past, where you can actually use a lemon or potato to harvest electricity from it. No sir, Bedol’s clocks would let you make use of fruits and vegetables the way they were meant to be – eaten, while relying on plain tap water to run the timepiece.

It uses ions that are found in regular tap water, and will be able to keep the time accurately courtesy of a couple of proprietary metal plates that have been specifically designed for Bedol clocks. The moment the plates encounter water, naturally occurring positive (+) and negative (–) ions are capable of generating an adequate amount of electricity to keep the clock ticking. Talk about clean and simple! A single filling of tap water is said to allow the Bedol wall clock to keep perfect time for up to six months.

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