big-repWhen we talk about 3D printers, these tend to be not too large in size, but size does matter when it comes to Lukas Oehmigen’s creation – which happens to be a large sized fabricator which is capable of printing out objects that are larger than a La-Z-Boy recliner. Yes sir, a 3D printer which boasts of an aluminum frame that measures more than five feet in every dimension, with a build area of 45” x 39” x 47”. The original prototype was called “Le Big Rep” to pay homage to Pulp Fiction, but the latest creation which tips the scales at 440 pounds and costs a whopping $39,000 has been simplified to be known as BigRep.

When we look at the technical capabilities of the BigRep, it would offer fused filament fabrication (FFF) printers such as the MakerBot a run for their money. This particular 3D printer come with a 100 micron layer thickness, alongside the ability to print PLA, ABS, and other experimental plastics, while sporting a dual-extruder print head which would let the printer perform multiple color printing, or to be able to create additional advanced geometries thanks to a removable support material. In order to print a full sized end table, it will require around $150 worth of plastic, two spools of material, as well as 5 days (!) of print time.

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