bing-image-searchIn the summer of 2011, the de facto Internet search engine for many, Google, introduced the Search By Image feature that enabled users to locate (or at least it tries to) just where a particular photo has been used on other websites. How long does it take for one of Google’s major rivals to “reply”’ to Search By Image? Slow and steady might win the race, although it is not likely that this will happen anytime soon as nearly three years down the road, Microsoft has introduced a similar functionally to its Bing search engine, calling it Image Match.

Image Match will allow Bing users who are looking for images to click a button at the bottom with the Image Match phrase. Upon doing so, you will be presented with a number of different versions of the same picture, where there are varying sizes and resolution count for you to take note of, so that you will be able to pick the best one that is most suitable for use at that point in time.

Should you already happen to have a popular or famous image on your computer which you intend to locate a match, just upload it straight to, and fingers crossed, there will be a match as well. Better late than never to the party, eh Microsoft? [Press Release]

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