starcraft-ghostBlizzard, one of the more successful game studios around, still has faith in the StarCraft Ghost concept, calling it “perfectly viable”. At this point in time, I guess you can more or less lump StarCraft Ghost under the same category that Duke Nukem Forever was, where the latter was indefinitely postponed for seemingly forever. StarCraft Ghost has been rumored to be a third-person spin-off, and according to Blizzard producer Alex Mayberry, it might return some day down the road, where it happens to be a title that Blizzard would “like to do”.

Mayberry shared, “I think the idea is still perfectly viable.I don’t know if we’ll ever do it but I think it’s something we’d like to do.”

Having first announced more than 10 years ago, StarCraft Ghost brought the promise of a third-person twist on Blizzard’s extremely popular RTS universe, and it would also signal a shift from the usual hack-and-slash model of Diablo as well as the genre-defining RTS, StarCraft. Apart from that, StarCraft Ghost has been touted to be Blizzard’s first major foray into console development too.

At least there is still hope for StarCraft Ghost to be released, right? It is better than an outright denial, as hope has a strange way of keeping us humans optimistic.

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