Bosch And Hillcrest Develop New All In One Sensor SystemWearable technology is slowly but surely catching on (although some like Google Glass has been banned in a certain watering hole in town), and if it were to become as commonplace as the smartphone, then you can be sure that component manufacturers are more than happy to indulge. After all, it is all about lowering the overall cost of manufacturing. The likes of Bosch Sensortec and Hillcrest Labs are working hard in this area, where they have developed a complete sensor package for head-mounted display device manufacturers.

Some examples of head-mounted computing systems include the Oculus Rift, Google Glass, and the Recon Jet, where all of them would have a need for embedded sensors in order to function as they should. Both Hillcrest and Bosch intend to simplify the manufacturing process, and at the same time lower the overall cost, so that others who want to jump aboard the bandwagon are able to do so without breaking the bank . The result of this collaboration is the Bosch Sensortec BNO070 system in package (SIP), which carries Hillcrest’s SH-1 sensor hub software. Not only that, it has been specially designed to be low-power and comes in a small form factor.

Expect the BNO070 to be introduced to certain development partners from the middle of this year onwards.

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