fb-oculus-riftYou know that the day will eventually arrive, whether on an official or unofficial basis, and that moment has arrived. Imagine checking out your Facebook account in a virtual world – you can now do so on the Oculus Rift thanks to an unofficial route that has made it possible.

KO-OP are the ones behind this particular download, where the social network Facebook can now be browsed within “the dream of a 3D web”. Granted, there is plenty of work that needs to be done to polish up the entire experience, and I am not quite sure whether you would want to see your friends to be “more real” in 3D, after having had enough of them in real life throughout the day.

All we know is, Facebook recently snapped up Oculus earlier this week for a whopping $2 billion, making the famous John Carmack an employee of theirs along the way. Facebook has stepped forward to deny that they will not rebrand Oculus with their logo and interface, which would sit down well with many folks. Well, after hearing that Facebook had picked up Oculus, would you want to purchase this VR headset some time down the road, or do you prefer to sit this one out?

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