Earlier today HTC’s much awaited 2014 flagship was finally unveiled. Now that the company has taken the wraps off of All New HTC One a.k.a HTC One M8, it can get down to the business of selling them. This time around HTC has made a bold move, it has released the flagship on the launch day. Customers can now buy HTC One M8 from three of the biggest mobile carriers in the country.

Starting 1PM ET, the All New HTC One will be available for purchase from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Customers will only be able to purchase online as of now, but in-store availability is widely expected in the first week of April. HTC has committed that the smartphone will be available in carriers’ stores by April 10th. Customers in the U.S. can pick up the All New HTC One for $649 outright, or they can opt for a two year contract with any of the three major carriers and pay just $199 up front.

It was rumored recently that Verizon may have exclusivity over the smartphone for a couple of weeks. While that isn’t entirely true, Big Red does have them available in-store today, exclusively. Customers can head to Verizon stores, which will start selling the HTC flagship at 1PM ET today.

T-Mobile has also announced its intention of carrying the All New HTC One. The carrier has only confirmed that it will start selling the smartphone next month, it hasn’t detailed pricing or provided an exact release date.

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