care-predictMost of the time, an activity tracker is something that is used by the young and mobile, as it is meant to calculate the amount of activity done in addition to calories burned for some of the more sophisticated models. How about an activity tracker for the older folks out there? This is what the Care Predict system is all about, where it will target the elderly. The elderly are a whole lot less mobile and more often than not, prefer to live at home. Of course, there are associated risks as well, including the possibility of loss of consciousness, the occasional fall, and other unexpected situations which leads other folks to live with family or in special facilities. The Care Predict system will include the Tempo, which is worn around the wrist like a watch, where it will keep track of one’s movement, posture, in addition to the location of the wearer throughout the home.

This is made possible thanks to the help of wall mounted wireless hubs, where the system can be configured to contact a pre-set list of people just in case of emergencies. Not only that, the Care Predict system will also offer a chart of activity levels and lifestyle patterns, as it is smart enough to figure out any potential abnormalities or unwanted changes in behavior.

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