chalice-symphonyI am quite sure that many of us grew up hearing about the fact that you could make a glass “sing” simply by running your finger along the wet edge of a glass. Inventor Andy Cavatorta has stumbled upon this particularly brilliant idea that is known as the Chalice Symphony, which happens to be a quartet of devices that will rely on Stella Artois’ signature drinking glasses which will be able to produce some unique sounding audio. Each of the “instruments” will be laden with plenty of technology, where the Star Harp is able to make use of robotics to play itself, while the Pyrophone would rely on software-controlled torches which will result in flute-like notes. As for the Hive, that happens to be a keyboard-driven cluster of bells while the Violina is a spinning string-like instrument that will rely on complex machinery.

At this point in time, there is not much evidence available as to what this particular Chalice Symphony is able to do, but chances are we ought to be able to hear something soon, with Cold War Kids working on unveiling a track in early March which was performed using these very same glass-based gizmos. What do you think of this unique way of making music?

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