current-tableThey say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and when it comes to the world of science as well as its technological advancements, we have seen how science intends to imitate nature, and we have reaped a huge amount of benefits from such line of thought over the centuries. Designer Marjan van Aubel has worked alongside a company that is known as Solaronix, to deliver a charging table. The name of the product itself is known as Current Table, which can be deemed to be a double entendre, since it not only allows electric current to flow through it in order to juice up your thirsty devices, it also means “happening now”. Pretty clever, don’t you think so?

The Current Table itself was inspired by the photosynthesis process of plants, where it is made up of dye solar cells that are capable of gathering energy from light, never mind that the sun’s rays are not focused directly on the table itself. Located right below the upper edge of the frame lies a few hidden USB ports which lets you charge up any USB powered devices. A bunch of glassware will do the job of collecting light from an ambient sensor, where placing your glass on the harvesting shelf will send the energy collected into a central power bank, which can then be used to power devices.

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