diablo-3-reaper-of-soulsWhen Diablo 3 was first released, many gamers complained about it. There were many factors that led to gamers’ dissatisfaction, such as the poor item drops which not only were hard to come by (in terms of higher level legendary items), but when they did drop, their stats sometimes were irrelevant to the character, like an Intelligence drop for a Barbarian class.

There was also the issue of the Auction House which led to gamers purchasing gold to build up their characters as opposed to farming for loot, which was kind of the point in the first place. Blizzard has since taken steps to fix those issues and with Reaper of Souls, perhaps the game will be able to live up to expectations.

For those unaware, the Reaper of Souls expansion has been released yesterday around 9PM PDT. The expansion will introduce a new bad guy to the game, Malthiel, a former good guy, a new artisan in the form of the Mystic, a new character class in the form of the Crusader, a new fifth act along with new items and monsters to battle.

The game has been pre-order for a while and there are pre-order bonuses that gamers will be able to get, such as the wings of valor and access to the demon hunter character in the upcoming Heroes of the Storm game. Thankfully the pre-order bonuses are still available and this offer will end at the end of the month.

So far feedback on the game appears to be positive with many gamers happy with the changes that Blizzard has made so far. Is it to the satisfaction of everyone? Probably not since it’s impossible to please everyone, but if you don’t mind giving the game a shot, hit up Blizzard’s website for the details.

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