For those of you who follow who the X-Men are from the universe of Marvel Comics, everyone’s favorite “class monitor”, the goody two-shoes Scott Summers is touted to have a power so great, his optic blasts are supposedly able to level mountains, and all that stands between him and total destruction is a pair of ruby quartz glasses. I wonder how many materials did Cyclops have to go through before he settled on ruby quartz. Well, that remains in the realm of fantasy, but in the real world, Patrick Priebe has come up with the idea of having lasers mounted on a visor.

A Cyclops costume that is perfect for this Halloween? Perhaps, and in Priebe’s very own words, “the most stupidest idea I’ve ever had.” All right, that might not be the best grammatically correct example out there, but this laser visor of his is certainly worth checking out in the video alone. The design might not be as polished as what one might expect in a cosplay setup, but the basic premise is there.

The visor sports blue laser beams that are meant for “burning” and red ones for aiming, in addition to a blue LED light that informs those around you that the laser visor is operational and potentially dangerous. Apart from that, there is also a method that prevents the lasers from reflecting into its wearer’s eyes, which is a good thing since permanently blindness is not something everyone would like.

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