ducati_jacketBike jackets aren’t just to look cool. In fact some of them have been designed to help fight against drag and make the wearer more aerodynamic. It also comes with heavy padding so that when the biker falls off, they won’t get deep cuts on their backs, arms, elbows, and so on. Now Ducati has teamed up with Dainese to create a bike jacket that will take things to the next level by turning the wearer into a human airbag.

Now we should note that there are bike jackets that do come with built-in airbags, but they also come equipped with sensors in order to make them work which ultimately leads to them being very heavy. What Ducati has done is take the sensors out of the jacket and attach them to the bike’s electronic system.

Since the bike’s electronic system can monitor things like acceleration, braking, and orientation, it will be able to detect when you’re about to crash. When it does, it sends a signal over WiFi to tell the airbags to inflate before you hit the ground. It sounds like a pretty good idea although we have yet to see it in action.

Ducati is expected to launch the new bike, a newer version of the Multistrada 1200 sports tourer, and the bike jacket in Europe this May, although there was no mention as to whether the gear and the bike will be making its way stateside, but for our bike-centric readers in Europe, this could be something worth looking out for.

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