origin-digitalThe world is slowly but surely making its move over to the digital world completely, and one of the more recent evidences of that happening would be EA’s Origin service which has revealed that they will not longer put up physical copies of copies of games on sale from April onwards, since this particular service is all set to go digital.

In a statement from Origin, “If you’re among 99% of our users, absolutely nothing [will change]. Your shopping experience hasn’t changed one single bit. But if you’re that 1% who still desires a physical collection, we want to let you know that Origin won’t be able to fulfill that need. We’ll still be here when you transition your gaming habits to the wonders of digital downloads. Digital is fast and convenient. Origin’s focus is to give gamers the best experience, and going all-digital will make that possible.”

This means when April 4 comes around, those who are in the market for a physical copy of PC or Mac copies EA games will have to look elsewhere other than Origin to get their fix. I don’t know about you, but there is still something about a physical copy of a game that I like, including the box on the shelf and that colorful manual. Do you remember the times when a game manual was fun to read even on its own? [Press Release]

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