Facebook, the social network giant, has gone under the spotlight earlier this week for the simple fact that Mark Zuckerberg and company have decided to part with a cool $2 billion to pick up Oculus VR. Well, what does Facebook intend to do with this company as well as the VR headset that comes under their purview now? Facebook did promise that they will not rebrand Oculus with their logo and interface, although one question that might have gone through many peoples’ minds would be to wonder just how Facebook looks like in virtual reality. Good thing you do not need to wait for all eternity in order to find out.

Chaotic Moon, an Austin-based firm, relies on a third party concept where users are able to browse through an e-tailer with the Rift. Taking some time to browse Facebook on an iMac, an individual will then click over to a product that was advertised in the sidebar. He will then be prompted to put on Oculus, from where he is then “transported” to a virtual Facebook marketplace, where he can actually work by choosing a designer bag right off the shelf, and to manipulate that particular bag as though it was in his hands, as Leap Motion will be able to recognize hand movements so that the software would responding correctly.

This is just an early vision of what might actually be in the future, and who knows, Facebook might have not even be aware of this mock up in the first place. Don’t you think that this is a rather clever way of implementing the virtual reality experience for Facebook?

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