Is there value in Apple’s FaceTime? The answer is a resounding yes, as it is useful when it comes to keeping in touch with a loved one from a distance. However, can it be used to save lives? The answer is the same, a yes in this case, as a certain Laura Toone is able to attest to. Laura went about her business as usual with her littles ones and dogs, where one of the dogs with her is not hers, but she happened to look after it. However, when the two pooches began to fight, Laura tried to intervene only to have them turn on her. Laura’s hand was bitten by the foster dog, and it nearly bit her finger almost clean off. Her attempts to dial 911 failed because of the resulting blood loss that prevented her from using her iPhone, and her 4 year old daughters were too panic stricken at the sight of all that blood to do anything. Enter Laura’s 2-year-old son, Bentley, who has loved using his mom’s iPhone since time immemorial, where he initiated a FaceTime call to his mom’s friend, Connie Guerrero.

Guerrero shared later on, “All I could see was his little forehead, and I said ‘Hi Bentley,’ and it was quiet for a little bit. And then I hear Laura screaming.” She promptly called 911 to have the paramedics arrive at Laura’s home, only to be greeted by Bentley at the door. All’s well that ends well, thanks to a 2-year old’s proficiency with the iPhone as well as his intestinal fortitude against the sight of blood.

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