nic-caseMost of the time when one thinks of remote-controlled cars, we would have been more familiar with a little ride that ambles along the driveway or on the floor when indoors, scurrying around like a rat escaping from a cat at times, although it is still not that fast that you might miss it at a blink of an eye. The remote control car that you see above, however, is a world record holder – in the sense that it zips around at speeds of up to 188.87mph.

R/C speed demon Nic Case has a long running passion for achieving speed records with his remote controlled cars, where a new vehicle that is known as the “R/C Bullet” saw Nic Case achieve a new world record at 171.97 miles per hour. It seems that the R/C Bullet has undergone its fair share of tweaks, and when it hit the track, a new world record was set at the aforementioned 188.87mph.

At such speeds, it runs on carbon fiber wheels and BSR tires, and Nic Case is not quite done yet. In fact, he has a vision – a dream, where one of his creations or modifications will eventually be able to break the 200 miles per hour mark.

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