ffx2We are glad to bring you word that Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster is now available on two popular platforms – the Sony PS3, as well as the Sony PS Vita. This would mean that a couple of classic RPGs are now available to play. It does not matter if Final Fantasy X happens to be one of your favorite games when the PS2 was in vogue, or if you had never managed to give it a go, now would be a good time as any to begin playing.


The HD Remasters of both titles will be complete ports, as it boasts of all the International Edition content which were never released in North America prior. Needless to say, one would be able to go on a major Trophy hunt, where both versions will also feature cross save compatibility with one another, so should you happen to have both consoles, you need not have to worry to not play it anytime, anywhere. Apart from that, the music has remastered as well, sporting bonus audio drama to boot.

It is said that there are limited quantities of the Collector’s Edition in stock, which means that it will not last for too long. The early bird gets the worm and all that jazz, so too, will the Collector’s Edition arrive with a beautiful 40 page art book, five full-sized lithograph prints, and the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Blu-ray Soundtrack. [Press Release]

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