galaxy-s5-preview-mwc2014-15According to earlier reports, it was suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S5 could be launched earlier than expected in certain markets. However there is a chance that despite the potentially early launch, there could be some supply constraints with the Galaxy S5.

This is according to a report from Korean news outlet, ETNews, which has suggested that there could be some issues regarding the manufacturing of the lens optics for the Galaxy S5’s camera, which could potentially lead to some delays, or at the very least supply constraints for a while until Samsung manages to figure this out.

So what is the issue here? Well the Galaxy S5 uses a 6-elements lens system much like handsets like the Nokia Lumia 925 and because of  that, molding the lens optics on the camera module is apparently presenting some trouble to lens suppliers.

This is because this setup requires a great deal more precision compared to before, and a single flaw in the molding process could cause distortion, something which we’re sure Samsung would not want to see in their phones.

As it stands, the report claims that Samsung is currently only at 20-30% of the expected yield capacity which could hamper the phone’s launch later in April. Samsung has yet to confirm this but ironically enough, it was in 2013 that HTC’s own camera issues with the HTC One that caused its delay, so we have to wonder if things will be coming round full circle for both companies.

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