When we talk about robots, most of the time the images that come into one’s mind are those that hail from the likes of the Transformers, or perhaps even movies such as Pacific Rim and Real Steel. Well, aren’t robots supposed to be built that way – all tough on the outside and armed to the teeth? Apparently, the folks behind the Glaucus did not get the memo, since this is a new kind of robot that is small and squishy.

It is known as the Glaucus simply because it has been named after the blue sea slug that inspired its design. Developed for Super-Releaser, a Brooklyn-based tech firm that specializes in soft robotics, the Glaucus is made up of molded silicone and wax, where it will be accompanied by the likes of internal chambers and bladders which can be inflated so that the Glaucus is capable of reproducing more or less any geometric computer model.

Glaucus’ creator, Matthew Borgatti, shared, “When either of these chambers is pressurized, it deforms and bends the robot’s legs and sides. This bending produces the walking motion. It is similar to how a salamander walks, by balancing itself on a pair of legs diagonal from one another while moving the opposite pair forward.”

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