google-keyboard-appIt makes perfect sense for the likes of Google to introduce their very own keyboard app into the Play Store, considering how they are the ones behind the Android mobile operating system. Apart from gesture typing, Google decided that an update is long overdue – and has finally pushed out the latest version to its Google Keyboard that will see the inclusion of personalized suggestions.

Do bear in mind that personalized suggestions in this particular update does not translate to the personal dictionary that is already available, and is synchronized to the rest of your various devices over Google’s cloud.

This particular update would bring along with it personalized suggestions that Google has already picked up from your usage of other Google products. The feature has been turned on by default, although fret not as the keyboard does offer you a very prominent warning the first time you use it after the update has been applied. I suppose this is important so that one can avoid potentially embarrassing situations, especially if you use less than savory words on the other Google products and services such as Gmail, Calendar, Google+, and Drive. This particular update is said to be introduced in the days ahead, so some patience would be required.

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