google_logoIt has been some time since there were whispers of Google opening up brick and mortar retail stores, and such rumors tend to make their way around the rumor mill during the holiday season, although majority of it has been dedicated Google spaces that are located in Best Buy and pop-up stores. Well, here is additional word that the search engine giant themselves might actually sign a lease on a permanent retail space in Manhattan. This particular report touts that Google is mulling over whether to rent the 4,100 square foot store at 131 Greene Street in SoHo, which would clearly place it right smack in the middle of Manhattan retail hot spots.

Just how “hot” is this particular area? Well, check out the amount of rent and its advancement and you’ll know. The rent has basically more than double in the past two years, which means Google might end up forking out approximately $125,000 per month for the space should it decide to lease the store. Purchasing it outright would run up the cost to tens of millions, which is no big deal for Google. Apart from that, in such a potential location, the Apple Store can be seen, which will surely spice up the retail competition in the area. Do you think that Google might want to start casting their eye on India as well?

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