To sustain products used by hundreds of millions of people, companies continuously need to work on things that they can improve to not only generate more revenue but also enhance the user experience. Google Search is Mountain View’s crucial product, it has made the company into the behemoth it is today, so obviously it receives due attention. You might have noticed something off with Google Search results these days, its nothing to be alarmed about. The changes are part and parcel of a new experiment that the company is running.

Amit Singhal, head of search at Google, told attendees of the Search Marketing Expo West that these changes are just an “experiment.” Notable changes include bigger fonts, links that are no longer underlined and ads that no longer have the conventional yellow background. Ads are now differentiated with a small yellow colored “Ad” label.

Google often runs these experiments, sometimes they aren’t that noticeable, particularly if tweaks are being made under the hood. Its quite hard to conceal major changes when you’re tinkering with the front page of Google Search. Its bound to get noticed. The idea behind these experiments is to find out if a change is going to enhance user experience without hurting the revenue that is already being generated. Its unclear if and when these changes will be made permanent.

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