benz-androidIt was just a few days ago when we brought you word on Mercedes-Benz having the intention to include Android support when Google’s car infotainment system is ready to rock and roll. This rumored in-car system is speculated to be known as “Projected Mode,” where it will hopefully offer better Android integration. Well, a leaked job posting from Daimler does drop additional hints to support what we reported earlier. According to the job posting on Daimler’s website, it pointed to the requirements of a software engineer that are needed to implement “Google Projected Mode” in Mercedes Benz rides down the road.


Projected Mode is believed to be a system that allows the integration of Android smartphones in the vehicle’s dashboard, delivering superior communication, entertainment and navigation capability. In a translation of Daimler’s description of this particular system, it would go something like this, “Smartphone functions such as play, for example, media content, send messages / receive phone calls, navigation, etc., can be controlled and displayed on a safe for the driver way through the vehicle’s controls.”

Apparently, Daimler has plans to introduce Google’s in-car system across its entire range of Mercedes-Benz cars that are sold in markets worldwide. Do you think that this would interfere with Apple’s CarPlay in any way?

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