gtxcorp-gps-shoesEarlier this morning, we did take a closer look at the Le Chal smartshoes which will help the blind or visually impaired get around without additional or external help, but this time around, a new pair of shoes that will also rely on GPS technology which will be able to assist dementia patients as well as those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, as caregivers need not worry as before about their patients wandering off and getting lost. GTX Corp. has come up with insoles that feature an embedded GPS device, making it a snap to move the technology between different pairs of shoes. Known as “Smart Soles“, they are currently being tested by various groups who work with dementia patients, with a targeted summer release date.

The GPS shoe as well as its insole will feature a slew of potential ramifications (positive ones, I might add), but it will be limited only to those who are able to afford a pair. Each pair will cost $299 a pop, where it will need to be accompanied by a corresponding cell service plan that will cost anywhere from $20 to $40, in addition to the need to juice up your GPS device on a daily basis. I wonder whether the future of these Smart Soles will include a built-in dehumidifier to make sure that no stink accumulates, and neither will the sole be a hotbed for fungus to grow on.

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