hexfuryGone are the days of using an older and unwanted video card to mine crypto-currencies such as BitCoin successfully, considering how the first wave of craze has already wound down, and one is no longer able to make a living out of mining alone. Mega servers seem to have stepped into such a role instead, which happens to be the anti-thesis of what crypto-currency stands for. The Hex-Fury intends to bring BitCoin back to its roots.

Right at its very core, the Hex-Fury happens to be similar to many of the other ASIC units out there that have appeared ever since BitCoin kicked off. The premise is simple – gather a slew of ultra-low power consumption ASIC chips, merge them onto a USB enabled host device, throw in some custom firmware and have them play nice with one another in a united manner, working alongside custom software so that they end up as a mining machine.

For the Hex-Fury, half a dozen ‘Bitfury’ chips were used and soldered onto a small PCB, measuring 26mm x 60mm. It consumes just 5V of power, allowing its tiny size to be a decent BitCoin mining device with a rating of .86W per GH. This will be a $265 USB dongle that ought to be on sale already.

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