mgs_classicSafe to say that by now many gamers have probably heard of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. The franchise and its games have proven to be quite a popular affair, but it seems that when the first Metal Gear Solid game was released, its creator did not expect it to do too well.

Speaking during a Twitch TV AMA alongside Geoff Keighley, Hideo Kojima revealed that he did not expect the original Metal Gear Solid to fare well. However he states that thanks to the fact that there was not much pressure on him, he could do whatever he liked with it.

“Neither I nor anyone else expected Metal Gear Solid to sell at all, so I was fortunate, because I didn’t have to think, ‘I have to sell this game this much’ so pretty much all I did was put in that game all the things I liked.”

A similar sentiment was shared earlier by Kojima where he revealed that he would eventually like to take a step back from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. He stated back then that by stepping away from the franchise, he could then explore other games and newer ideas and go back to doing what he did before, before the pressure of creating more Metal Gear Solid titles.

Kojima also revealed during the AMA that he would like to work on a Silent Hill game, but stated that he might have a problem as he is “chicken” and gets scared easily by many things. Kojima’s latest Metal Gear Solid efforts come in the form of Ground Zeroes, which has been pegged for a release on the 18th of March, and Phantom Pain which could only see a release next year.

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